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Colin HitchmanWeavemyMat.com owned by Colin, a Geek, entrepreneur, and hobbyist photographer, and avid technologist! Having spent many years working in the Aerospace industry, and specializing in all kinds of tech stuff. It is my goal to spend hours on product research and reviewing office tech, striving to bring you the best possible information on tech gadgets. Helping to solve your niggling office tech problems!

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  • Smarter Surfaces Projector Screen Paint – Whiteboard Magic!

    Say goodbye to chalkboards, whiteboards, and expensive projector screens. Say hello to the world of Smarter Surfaces Projector Screen Paint – the magical solution that transforms any wall into a high-quality projection screen or whiteboard. Forget the limitations of traditional projector screens and embrace the versatility and convenience of projector screen paint! What is projector…

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  • WiMiUS P64 4K Projector Review: Worth Your Money?

    When we got our hands on the WiMiUS P64 4K projector, we immediately noticed its sleek grey design, which easily blends into any setting, whether it be a cosy living room or the great outdoors for a movie night under the stars. The projector promises a true home cinema experience with its native 1080P resolution…

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