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WiMiUS P64 4K Projector Review: Worth Your Money?



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When we got our hands on the WiMiUS P64 4K projector, we immediately noticed its sleek grey design, which easily blends into any setting, whether it be a cosy living room or the great outdoors for a movie night under the stars.

The projector promises a true home cinema experience with its native 1080P resolution and 4K support, delivering vivid colours and depth.

WiMiUS has built the P64 with convenience in mind; the auto focus and auto keystone features work like a charm to produce a sharp image even when the projector is moved.

Our gaming sessions were also lag-free thanks to WiFi 6 technology, and the Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity seamlessly paired the projector with external devices to enhance audio with its powerful speakers.

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Auto Focus/Keystone 4K Projector
WiMiUS P64 [Auto Focus/Keystone] 4K Projector with WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, FHD Native 1080P
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/07/2024 06:27 am GMT

Notably, the touch screen interface adds a modern touch, allowing adjustments with ease, and the generous screen size options with up to 300-inch projection alongside the 50% zoom capability provide flexible setup options.

However, we found the brightness could be limiting in well-lit rooms, but adjusting your environment can quickly rectify this.

Bottom Line

For an immersive viewing and gaming experience, the WiMiUS P64 stands out as a solid competitor in the market.

The combination of user-friendly features such as auto focus and robust connectivity options make it an appealing choice for technology enthusiasts and casual users alike.

Considering upgrading your home entertainment system? Explore the WiMiUS P64 projector on Amazon and see how it can transform your viewing experience.

Overview of [Auto Focus/Keystone] 4K Projector with WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2

In our experience, the featured WiMiUS 4K projector has proven itself as a solid performer in a variety of settings.

The autofocus and auto-keystone correction are standout features, making setup a breeze.

We’ve found that they work swiftly to ensure a sharp image, even when the projector is positioned at an angle, which is invaluable for quick transitions between presentations or movies.

The native 1080P resolution supported by 4K ensures that visuals are crisp and detailed. While the brightness is ample for most environments, in fully lit rooms, we noticed that a little extra would take it to the next level.

Nonetheless, the contrast ratio it offers ensures deep blacks and vibrant colours.

We were particularly impressed with the WiFi 6 integration, which delivers a reliable and lag-free streaming experience.

It’s a game-changer for both high-definition video content and gaming. The dual Bluetooth functionality, which allows the projector to double as a speaker, is also a smart inclusion.

Another highlight is the touch screen interface that simplifies navigation, and the generous projection size of up to 300 inches caters to both indoor and outdoor settings.

The zoom feature is handy for when you can’t physically move the projector but need a smaller image.

Despite these high points, there’s room for improvement, such as increased brightness for daylight viewing.

Overall, we consider this WiMiUS projector a versatile and user-friendly option, suitable for both entertainment and professional needs. The manufacturer’s commitment to customer service, as suggested by the reviews, adds an extra layer of confidence in this purchase.

Auto-Focus & Auto 6D Keystone Correction

Setting up projectors can often be synonymous with frustration. We’ve all been there, twisting lenses and toggling settings, but we found the P64 smart projector simplifies this process remarkably well.

Its auto-focus function quickly sharpens the image without any need for manual adjustments, a real time-saver, especially when moving the unit frequently.

The auto 6D keystone correction deserves applause too. It’s a game-changer for those who need flexibility in projector placement. No matter the angle, the P64 smartly adjusts the image to maintain that crisp, clean look on-screen.

This feature seems to work seamlessly, ensuring that accidental nudges or imperfect positioning don’t compromise the viewing experience.

Our take? These intelligent features contribute to a smoother setup with less hassle—no squinting to adjust focus or fiddling with settings. This level of automation is particularly useful if we’re in a hurry or if we’re using the projector in different locations.

Though these features sound techy, they really make the P64 user-friendly, and we could focus more on the content rather than the setup.

While nothing’s perfect and there’s always room for improvement, the exceptional ease with which the projector adapts to new environments is vital for frequent users.

High-Definition Display and 4K Support

When viewing content on the P64 projector from WiMiUS, we’re greeted with vibrant colours and sharp details. The native 1080P resolution ensures images are crisp, while its support for 4K media plays into the current trend of ultra-high-definition content.

We’ve observed that the boost in brightness and contrast ratio significantly enriches the viewing experience, making dark scenes in movies exceptionally clear and vivid.

Although 4K content isn’t native to this device, it admirably upscales lower-resolution content to bring a quasi-4K experience. This feature proves especially handy for those of us with a library of varied video resolutions, ensuring we get the most visually appealing output possible.

Watching sporting events or premiering series on the P64 projector is akin to having a home theatre setup, which could even rival the viewing experience of some pricier alternatives.

However, it’s worth mentioning that while 4K upscaling is commendable, purists might spot differences when comparing to native 4K projectors. Yet, for outdoor movie nights or a casual immersive gaming session, the P64 hits the mark, delivering quality that would satisfy most user requirements.

The seamless mingling of good performance and utility in this WiMiUS model lends credence to its high customer ratings.

Auto Focus/Keystone 4K Projector
WiMiUS P64 [Auto Focus/Keystone] 4K Projector with WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, FHD Native 1080P
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/07/2024 06:27 am GMT

Cutting-Edge Connectivity with WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2

We’ve recently had the chance to experience the P64 4K Projector’s connectivity firsthand, and it certainly sets a new benchmark for wireless streaming and audio-syncing capabilities.

With the integration of WiFi 6, the P64 ensures a more reliable and faster connection than previous models which is a game-changer for seamless video playback, especially during live streams or when indulging in high-definition gaming. Long gone are the days of buffering and unexpected lag.

The addition of Bluetooth 5.2 can’t be overlooked either. The two-way Bluetooth connectivity isn’t just a convenience; it’s transformative. We connected our mobile devices with ease and also used the P64 as a Bluetooth speaker, which was a pleasant surprise.

The sound quality is top-notch for a projector, adding to the immersive feeling whether we were catching the latest films or blasting a playlist.

While the tech specs are impressive, it’s real-world use that truly demonstrates what the P64 brings to the table regarding connectivity. We appreciated the smooth and uninterrupted experience, providing the confidence that our movie nights and gaming sessions would go off without a hitch.

However, it’s worth noting that the performance could vary with different setups and environments, but our experience was positive overall.

Screen Size Versatility and Interactive Touch Panel

During our time with the WiMiUS P64 projector, the flexibility of screen size was impressive. This device delivers a vivid 1080p display that can scale up to an expansive 300 inches without losing clarity. We were particularly taken by the interactive touch panel; it felt modern and responsive, streamlining our user experience significantly.

The auto focus and keystone correction simplified setup, allowing us to get the perfect picture without the hassle of manual adjustments.

One downside noted was that in brightly lit environments, the touch panel’s responsiveness could be less immediate, but this was a minor hiccup in an otherwise smooth operation.

WiMiUS seems to have considered user convenience at the forefront, incorporating features such as 50% zoom to accommodate different spaces. Wireless connectivity options complement this versatility, though we did experience occasional latency when streaming over WiFi.

Overall, the screen size versatility paired with the interactive touch panel positions the P64 as a savvy choice for those seeking a balance between high-tech functionality and adaptability.

Durable Design and Multi-Device Compatibility

When we first got our hands on the WiMiUS P64, we were intrigued by its robust design. This projector seems to understand that accidents happen: it’s well-built to withstand the occasional knock. One of its standout features is the fully sealed optical engine, which prevents dust from getting in and potentially ruining the image quality.

The P64 also impresses with its multi-device connectivity. We’ve connected various devices to it using the abundant HDMI and USB ports—everything from phones to gaming consoles—and the experience has been seamless.

The addition of WiFi 6 ensures fast and stable streaming, a definite bonus for us when hosting movie nights or gaming sessions. Plus, having Bluetooth 5.2 means we can also use it as a Bluetooth speaker, which adds to its versatility.

Overall, the WiMiUS P64 strikes a fine balance between durability and compatibility, catering to all our multimedia needs without a hitch.

WiMiUS P64 4K Projector: Pros and Cons

Our team recently had the pleasure of experiencing the WiMiUS P64 projector’s performance. We found the autofocusing and 6D keystone correction features to be exceptional, automatically adjusting the image to an ideal sharpness even when positioned at odd angles. This convenience is noteworthy for anyone who values quick setups and ease of use.

The projector’s native 1080P support with 4K compatibility stands out, providing a cinematic experience that’s vivid and detailed.

One standout function is the WiFi 6 integration, which offered us a lag-free streaming and gaming experience. This was a significant plus for the more interactive entertainment.

Additionally, its two-way Bluetooth connectivity allowed us the versatility to extend its use to external speakers or to employ the projector as a speaker itself. The built-in 12W Hi-Fi speakers also impressed us, offering satisfactory sound quality for immersive viewing.

However, while the image quality is crisp, the projection could be brighter. This is worth considering if you’re planning to use it in well-lit rooms. Also, the smart touch screen, although innovative, may require an adaptation period, especially for those more accustomed to traditional buttons.

In conclusion, the machine excels as a home and outdoor projector but keep in mind the potential need for darker viewing environments and the adjustment to touch controls. Its ease of use and quality make it a strong contender for those seeking a versatile viewing experience.

Customer Reviews of the WiMiUS P64 4K Projector

In cruising through the feedback from others who have brought the WiMiUS P64 projector into their homes, we’ve noticed an undercurrent of satisfaction that seems to ripple among users.

It’s heartening to learn that despite the less-than-ideal setups some of us have, the P64 adapts well, compelling us to contemplate enhancing our spaces to suit its promising features.

The P64 doesn’t shy away from impressing with its technologically savvy offerings, providing portable entertainment that has many users tipping their hats to its advanced capabilities.

Its sharp, clean image quality receives praises, although a common yearning for greater brightness emerges, something that WiMiUS customer support has been responsive to.

We’ve encountered enthusiasts who can’t help but compare the P64 to former, less impressive projectors, noting its superior image clarity and colour. Its auto focus and keystone correction are especially appreciated by those of us with unconventional projection spaces, simplifying the setup process considerably.

While some comments allude to the media not loading, the sentiment around the projector’s overall value for money remains overwhelmingly positive. It’s clear that the P64 is revolutionising home movie experiences, offering an affordable entry into high-quality, cinematic enjoyment.

Auto Focus/Keystone 4K Projector
WiMiUS P64 [Auto Focus/Keystone] 4K Projector with WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2, FHD Native 1080P
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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.
04/07/2024 06:27 am GMT


In our time with the WiMiUS P64, we’ve been impressed with its ease of use and the quality of the viewing experience it provides. It offers a substantial upgrade from lower-end projectors, with the auto-focus and keystone correction ensuring a crisp, clear, and correctly oriented image every time.

While the brightness could be better, which might affect your enjoyment in well-lit rooms, it’s clear that customer support is proactive in providing solutions. An upgrade to your viewing room might be in order to get the most out of its features.

The projector’s compatibility with various devices and its portability mean that it can be the centrepiece of a home cinema or an on-the-go entertainment device. From our experience, whether you’re a film buff looking to recreate a theatre-like atmosphere or in need of a reliable projector for presentations, the P64 balances performance with some room for improvement.

It’s a solid choice within its price range and easily outperforms many entry-level projectors we’ve come across.

Frequently Asked Questions

When exploring the capabilities of the latest tech, real-world user concerns help build a better understanding of how such products fit into daily life. Our hands-on experience with the WiMiUS P64 has allowed us to gather some insights that prospective buyers often seek.

How does the image quality of the WiMiUS P64 compare to other 4K projectors on the market?

Comparing the image quality of the P64 against other 4K projectors, one has to commend its native 1080P resolution support with compatibility for 4K content. Enhanced brightness and a high contrast ratio contribute to images that are vivid and detailed. It certainly holds its own in the market, giving some leading models a run for their money.

What is the lifespan of the lamp in the WiMiUS P64 projector?

The longevity of a projector lamp is pivotal for users. Based on our use, the P64 projector seems to stick to the industry standard, assuring many hours of entertainment before requiring a lamp replacement. Regular use under optimal conditions should ensure that users get the maximum lifespan available.

Can the WiMiUS P64 projector be used for outdoor cinema setups?

Standing out with its portability and performance, the P64 is versatile enough for outdoor cinema experiences. The touch screen and zoom function make adjustments effortless, essential for impromptu outdoor setups. Just remember, for the best experience, a darker environment is preferable due to its brightness capabilities.

What connectivity options are available on the WiMiUS P64?

Its multiple connectivity options, including HDMI, USB, and AV ports, make the P64 highly accessible for a variety of devices. The addition of both wired and wireless capabilities, alongside the latest Bluetooth 5.2, means almost any device can be connected, from smartphones to gaming consoles.

Are there any notable features that distinguish the WiMiUS P64 from its competitors?

Features such as auto-focus, auto keystone correction, and the latest WiFi 6 technology set the P64 apart. The two-way Bluetooth transmission also merits mention – allowing the projector to serve as a Bluetooth speaker. Not to forget, its 300-inch screen potential with 50% zoom capacity which is laudable for a projector in this class.

How does the WiMiUS P64 perform in environments with ambient light?

With a commendable contrast ratio and lumen output, the P64 projector fares well in environments where ambient light is present. However, as with most projectors, for peak performance, a controlled lighting environment helps enhance the vividness and sharpness of the image.

In conclusion, our experiences place the P64 projector as a competitive option in its market segment. Its combination of image quality, easy-to-use features, and robust connectivity make it an appealing choice for a variety of applications. Whether it’s for an immersive movie experience, gaming, or outdoor events, the P64 has shown itself to be both reliable and enjoyable.

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