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What are the types of printer connections?




type of printer connections

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Types of printer connections

You may probably be wondering, what are some connection types that can be used for your printers.

There are many connection types depending on the printer, more modern printers tend to have advanced connections like infrared.

Parallel printer cable

This is probably the oldest of all of them, it is a parallel connection cable that is used for PC to printer, it has been replaced by USB cable

Serial printer cables

This connection is the fastest when comparing parallel and serial cables in terms of transfer speeds, it is a 25-pin serial cable some have 9 pins

USB cable

The more modern and standard cable today, is the USB cable, it allows for 480mbps transfer which beats the serial and parallel cable connection having only 2 mbps for transfer.

From the above-mentioned speed, we know that for faster transfers, our best option is a USB cable.

Another advantage that the USB cable has, is that it is compatible with a lot of computer systems or systems in general and it can also be used for other device, eg. Music Keyboards

If you are buying a printer these days, it will be best to get yourself a USB cable.

Compatibility tip:

If you have an older printer and you want to use it on your laptop, your best option is to get a converter that will convert parallel connection to USB connection

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