How to check projector lamp hour – Projector guide

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Checking projector lamp hour is very easy to do as with any projector, if you are able to access the projector menu, then checking the total number of hours used is very easy.

There are a few reasons why you might want to check the projector lamp hour. All projector lamps like light bulbs have a limited number of hours, like 10,000 hours, before they blow.

Checking your lamp hour, let’s you know how many hours are left on a projector and also resetting the hours when a new projector lamp is replaced.

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How to check projector lamp hour

1). Access the projector menu with your remote or using the buttons, turn on the Menu


2). Go to Options or Info

how to check projector lamp hour


3). Scroll to Lamp run time or Info

how to check projector lamp hour

4). The Lamp run time shows the number of hours that your projector lamp has done.

how to check projector lamp hour

5). To reset the lamp hours, Click and hold Enter  on your projector and hit Reset, then OK


Note: Only reset your lamp hours after you have changed your lamp as you do not want to be misled by your projector lamp hours.

Check projector lamp hour is very intuitive in most projectors, different makes of projectors have different layout of their menu.

Regarding lamp hour or life, your projector’s lamp life can be checked at your makers website where the model specs are listed.

Some lamps have a life of 1000 up-to 10,000 hours for higher specs projector.

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