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Are cheap projector screens any good? Guide




Are cheap projectors good

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If you are tight on budget and thinking of getting just any cheap projector screen for use, then this article will be useful as it will cover, cheap projector screens.

A projector screen, if at all is good right? we’ll yes, read on to find out, in this article, we will be making comparison of low cost projector screens, high cost screens and pieces of cloths.

To cut to the chase, yes and no, cheap projector screens are both worth it and not so worth it when compared to the pricier projectors (obviously).

Based on customers opinion on cheap projectors, in this article are some common points why cheap projectors are both worth it and not.

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Cheap projector screens are not professional grade

The ones that are of the highest of definitions, crease free and most importantly of all, professional, are not cheap.

Cheap projectors may be good for backyard home theaters and home video gaming, but they are n’t the real thing.

They are unstable

One of the biggest point that users of this screen has had to say, is that, these projector screens are very unstable and light weight.

This means that a really light breeze could easily knock off the projector screen stand (the whole set up that is).

Makers of this projectors, put a lot of effort into minimizing the costs, that they use light weight material in the construction of the stand. With that said, there’s a work around.

A few blocks placed at the foot of the stand should steady the set up.

Material is soft and see through

As the title above has mentioned, the material of the screen is often soft and see through, which is what you wouldn’t want.

Cheap projector screen materials are often thin and not suitable for the elements, plus they often times develop creases and slackness if not built properly.

The best screens will has thick high reflective screen, which is not in this case, so if you are after a thick screen for daylight use, then consider a costly well built one.

With the above said, see through projectors are good for rear projections, as these projectors work really well at night in the dark.

Exaggerated Lumens (Brightness)

Cheap projector screens are often marketed to have false high lumens or brightness, a marketing ploy designed to make the product attractive.

Something that you should avoid, especially if you want to use the projector during the day.

Why cheap projector screens are worth it

With many disadvantages mentioned above, there are still many reasons why a cheap projector is still worth it.

  • Cheap projector screens are cheap: obviously, so if you are budget conscious, then an a cheap one should do. saves money
  • Good for kids movies: although they do not deliver professional standard of results, they are still for kids movies or movies in general.
  • Good for night time use: cheap projectors are good for night time use.
  • Better than a piece of cloth: they have better reflectivity than a sheet of cloth

We’ll not all cheap projectors are crappy so to speak, they are just made of cheap materials, might not be up to par than a professional one, but still, cheap projector screens are worth it as well.

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