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How do wireless projectors work




how do wireless projectors work

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How do wireless projectors work

In this article, we will be looking into how a wireless projector works or how a projector is able to receive data from a mobile phone without a cable or without internet.

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Technology can be amazing and a convenience tool, especially now that it is advancing more and more.

With todays technology, you do not need a wire to connect devices, its wireless for most connections, from mobile phones to TV’s, mobile phones to speakers, mobile phones to projectors.

This can be a really big convenience as you will be able to carry your devices around while streaming to the projector without having to use cables, as cables are limited in length.

This can allow you to move around the house while streaming uninterruptedly onto your projector and play your multimedia files.

So how does a wireless projector work?

Projectors that are coming out now days are equipped with Bluetooth and Wifi technology, nearly all wireless connections are either Bluetooth or Wifi.

Wireless projectors use Miracast technology for connecting to other devices.

What is Miracast technology?

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Miracast, came from the root word, mirror.

When you are using Miracast, you are mirroring a phones screen onto a projector.
Miracast in projectors is a technology that utilizes direct wifi technology.

The thing with this wireless method of connection is that it does not need an access point or an internet connection (peer to peer).

Most wifi connections has an access point or router that is the hub of the connection and all devices connect to it.

For the Miracast technology, it allows devices like projectors and phones to connect directly with each other without the need for an access point, so virtually, they have a network of their own.

This type of connection is called peer to peer connection.

With Miracast capable phones, you are able to project from your phone to infotainment systems or to projectors and some other gadgets.

So to be more specific technically, Projectors use radio frequency to receive data from the inputting device such as TV’s, mobile phones and other devices.

These connections are secured using WPA2 encryption, so no one will be able to tap into what the projector is receiving.

So to conclude…

Projector has wifi hardware built into it that enables it to pair wirelessly with a device and receive data from it using radio frequency, these connections are secured by WPA2 encryption.

So now that we have answered your question on “how do wireless projectors work”

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