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Why using a projector is better than a TV screen



Why using a projector is better than a TV screen

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Why is using a projector is better than a TV screen?

If you are planning on buying a TV or projector for your home cinemas, video gaming, studios or for whatever reason, here are some reasons why buying a projector is better than having a TV.

Note that in this article I will also be highlighting why TV’s are better than projectors at times.

When I was brainstorming this article, I personally felt that TV’s are better than projectors, but here are some reasons why I am wrong, maybe because projectors are foreign to me and I am not used to them.

Projectors are portable and take up less space

If you are tight on space, maybe you have a small apartment, a television will take up a lot of space compared to a projector. You will use up to two meters in length for your TV while a projector takes up only a few centimeters. You can even put it away after its been used while a TV can be put away but, it is still not portable, it will still take up a lot space.

A projector although portable, can perform the same and if not better than TV’s.

Projector projection size is resizable

When you buy a 50-inch TV, you will be paying as much as a projector, but the TV will stay 50 inch, while a projector screen size can be adjusted to your liking. So, it doesn’t matter how big your wall is, with the projector you can make the screen go big and small.

If on the other hand you have a TV which is 50 inches, you cannot make it any bigger (obviously). This will be a problem is you want to have an outdoor movie or you want a bigger screen to play games on.

Which, for a more fuller gaming experience, you will need a bigger screen. Projector wins as they are more flexible than a TV in terms of screen size.

2 gamers playing via TV

(Cons). Televisions perform better in sunlit room.

In a room that’s lit by sunlight, projector images will sometimes be drowned out by the sunlight and this is where TV’s gain an advantage.

With that said, you will need a projector with a lot of lumens to overpower the sunlight, or you could simply close the curtains for better viewing.

With TV’s, you will also experience sunlight glare, glare, is a result of sunlight hitting the screen and reflecting into your view thus blocking the TV screen.

 (Cons) Projectors make noise

While the Pros outweigh the cons, here is one cons that you might want consider, as projectors are processor intensive and produce a lot of heat, a fan is also needed to cool the components of the projectors and it is also one of its disadvantages.

As a projector needs a lot of fanning, it also makes noise.

Even with all that noise, you can shift the projector a little bit away from you so that it doesn’t affect your movies.

Create your own home cinema with a projector

Why go to the movies when you can do your own home cinema with a projector.

Close the curtains, arrange the sofas, cook up some popcorn, and you have a cinema. You can spend a lot of quality times with your loved ones watching movies at your home-made cinema with a projector and at the same time save a lot of money and time.

This is also why people prefer projectors over Tv’s as you can create your own outdoor cinema with a projector, choose which movie you want to see and enjoying it.

 TV’s break easily

When it comes to durability, we all know that TV’s break easily compared to a projector, I don’t really know the details slash technicalities behind this, but I do know that a projector will last longer between the two, so it is recommended that you buy a projector

Since a TV screen has a large screen and if a screen is 50 inches big, it is also 50 inches more vulnerable to being cracked or an object hitting it as it has a lot area. This is a disadvantage especially if you have kids at home. Your TV could be hit with an object which could totally damage it and rendering it useless. TV screens are expensive to repair especially the new models.


If you are using a projector for XBOX gaming or maybe a movie marathon(er) or even if you are just the kind of person who loves going to the cinema, then you will love having a projector at home as it will not only will save you money but travel time as well.

Overall a projector is worth having, considering the amount of money you are spending on a projector, for that same amount, you can get a projector, yet it’ll beat the TV over screen size, resolutions, contrast and ten other things

As with everything, there are cons to it, one being; that they are usually drowned out by sunlight (projector projections). All in all, we have concluded that projectors are better than TVs.

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