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How to improve projector image quality -5 useful tips!




how to improve projector image quality

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If you have been wondering how to improve projector image quality for your own projector, look no further! Here are a few tips that should improve the overall quality of your images while projecting.

Before we go into how to improve the image quality of projectors, let’s familiarize ourselves with principles of good projection.

Now, as projectors comes in different sizes, capabilities, brightness and resolutions, no two projectors are the same.

With that said, some projectors will have low brightness and resolutions while others will have more. Just like how different cars have different engines, power and features.

Projector manufacturers make projectors taking into account the prices ranges its consumers. Some projectors are made for people with more budget, while others are meant to be sold for cheap.

However, that is not to say that image quality cannot be improved if a projector does not have a lot of brightness (lumens) in the first place.

Here are a few tips that can be used to improve projector image quality.

how to improve projector image quality

 Increase the brightness of the projector

By the increasing the brightness of the projector, the image on the screen becomes brighter resulting in it becoming clearer.

Some projectors have “eco mode” or “power saving mode” these so-called modes are used to save electricity or to keep the motor noise level low.

In the “eco” mode, power usage is greatly minimized therefore light output is also cut down, which results in a dimmer projection.

Lamp mode usually brightens the projection, put the projector in lamp mode, for optimum quality image.

Reduce the image size

As the image size of the projector gets bigger, the image loses in quality, this is more so for smaller less brighter projectors.

This  analogy may help you visualize this. When you are mixing orange juice, the more water you put in, the more dilute the orange flavor gets.

Water, in this case, is the image size of the projector.

Reducing the image size will result in it becoming more brighter and clearer.

Adjust the projector focus

Just like a binocular, the focus of a projector can be adjusted using the wheel that’s usually at the front of the projector.

Adjusting the focus will result in a more clear, sharp and vivid image projection

Make the room dark

Making the room darker by closing the blinds, curtains, dimming or turning off the lights altogether should make the image brighter.

This can sometimes be impossible if you have a meeting as it members of the meeting will need to have some light for note takings.

Bonus Tip:  Reduce the image size and zoom it in

Reduce the size of the image, and zoom into the image. Try doing this if your projector is not the brightest of all projectors. This should increase the quality of the image by a tiny bit.                     

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