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Why are some projectors not recommended for Powerpoint presentations (PPT)?            




why are some projectors not recommended for Powerpoint presentations?

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Why are some projectors not recommended for Powerpoint presentations? Here’s why.

When buying a projector, it is often see shown in the product description how it is not recommended for PowerPoint presentations, why is this?

In this article we will look at why some projectors are not recommended for ppt or PowerPoint presentations.

As projectors comes in ranges, sizes and capabilities, some projectors are simply not made for PowerPoint slide presentations

The said projectors, have fewer resolutions, low brightness and are not well suited for texts projections.

These projectors fall into the “mids” in terms of price range.

Mid ranged projectors like these still can be used for PowerPoint presentations.

However, if you have a $2 million-dollar sales pitch that have to do, then these projectors are not the kind to use (Quality wise).


For Classroom



Optoma HD146X

1080P | 3600 Lumens | 25,000:1 | 300″ | DLP | USB | HDMI |

ViewSonic PA503S

BenQ TK850

Cheapest | 800 x 600 | 3600 Lumens | HDMI | VGA |

4K Resolution | 3000 Lumens | Low Input Lag | HDR-PRO |

ViewSonic PX747

True 4K | 3500 Lumens | 12,000:1 | Supports HDR | HDMI

What kind of projectors are not recommended for PowerPoint presentations?

Projectors that are not recommended for PPT presentations fall into the “low” price range.

They have low lumens (brightness) and Low resolutions.

Projectors such as these, were meant for low budget individuals who will use these projectors for movies and other things and need their projectors to be portable.

why are some projectors not recommended for ppt

What happens if you use them for ppt presentations?

Depending on the environment which it is used, often these projectors have low brightness and will need somewhere dark to get good bright images.

For an OK enough projection, you will need to shut out all the blinds, turn off the lights in order to get something decent out of these projectors

In a typical office presentation, that is not doable as you will need some light in the room to allow for note taking by colleagues attending the meeting.

And that is also why these “not recommended” projectors must not be used in a professional setting as they need total darkness and using them in places with ambient light will result in low quality, dull images.

One thing that these projectors have in common is the poor focus capability

The images that it gives out will be blurry, hence it is not suitable for texts.

Often times, there will be missing lines on the projections as there will be a mismatch in resolutions.

In this case, the laptop has a higher resolution than the projector

To compensate for the lack of resolutions, the projector will skip or leave out some lines when it projects on the screen.

This is so that it can fit the overall image into the projection.

Even if it is not recommended for PowerPoint presentations, it can still be used to project PowerPoint documents however, it will be blurry.

(not really blurry) front row seaters will be able to make out the texts, but those farther away will not.

Although not recommended for PowerPoint presentations, they however, perform well when used for movies and pictures.

They function normally just like any other projector and would definitely be recommended to people who are on a budget.

On the other hand, the best projectors for PowerPoint presentations are the ones that are bright (2000+ lumens) and have a lot of resolutions and may be a little pricier that the ones discussed in this article. Also do recommend using wireless projectors in your offices

Discussion on the best projectors for PowerPoint presentations will be on an article in itself. 

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