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How many pages can a printer print in its lifetime? -Guide




How many pages can a printer print in its lifetime

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In this article we will be looking at how many pages a printer can print in its lifetime, in other words, readers may be wanting to find out as to how many pages a printer will print before it’s time to retire or breaks.

Off-course we all want to put or use our money in a way that gets the maximum (est) return on investment and in this case, number of prints.

The underlying reason why someone would be searching for this, is because they may want their printers to last longer, so with that said, also in this article we will talk about how duty cycles comes into play and how to use your printer in such a way that it will last longer, considering the duty cycle of the printer.

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We’ll I’d have to admit that there is no clear one answer as to how many pages a printer can print in its lifetime, but what I can tell you are averages of a printer, as there are many factors come into play in determining a printers lifetime, such as it’s up keep, number of pages printed per day, environment that the printer is kept in, maintenance etc.

All these factors will determine how long a printer operates, but let’s get into averages, to give you an idea as to how many pages a print will print, here are some figures.

As they say, that a printer’s life is not measured with years but by the number of pages that it can print, so you are asking the right question to begin with.

So a printer that is supposed to print 5000 pages per month, 5000 x 12 = 60,000 pages per year x 5 to 6 years, so an average number of pages that a printer will print in its lifetime for a print that is capable of printing 5000 pages per month, should be able to rack up 300,000 pages in it’s lifetime or 5 -6 years before the components starts falling apart.

Off course no two printers are the same, this is where duty cycle comes in.

Duty cycles

Printer duty cycles is the number of prints that a printer should do (and not exceed) also considered the safe range of printing (Page wise) so if a printer has a Duty cycle of 5000 pages per month, it must not exceed printing 166 pages per day, in this way it will last longer and not break.

It is advisable to keep within the duty cycle range if you want your printer to last longer. With that said, there are different ranges of printer that will accommodate more prints of duty cycles per month, if you want your printer to last longer (say 5 to 6 or longer years), always print within the duty cycle range.

So to sum up this article, depending on the duty cycle of the printer, although some printers will last long, a printer with a duty cycle of 5000 pages per month, should be able to print 300,000 pages in it’s lifetime, but it also depends, sometimes it may go up-to 500,000 prints, it all depends on how it’s kept, used, maintained and stored. How many pages can a printer print in its lifetime will vary, but I hope this article has given you some sort of a ballpark guide.

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