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How can I make my projector louder? Guide




How can I make my projector louder?

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Wanna make your projector volume louder? Who wouldn’t right?

Regardless of whether you are a gamer, IT support setting up your conference meeting, church member doing set up for your church service, a gamer playing Call of duty on the projector or someone who loves to binge watch on Netflix, we all want the volume to be louder.

Who wouldn’t want it louder, we all want that loud movie, loud music, loud games and off course meetings and conferences needs to be loud.

Well, the problem with some projectors, is that they are just not loud enough, most are loud, but may be technically faulty (hopefully not, for you). Other problems could be simple, like; volume turned down (which all will be covered in this article).

Or , your projector is simply to weak and low, which a lot of projectors are, keep reading.

So with that said, in this video, I will cover how you  could make your projector louder, easy tips, how to use other devices to make your projector louder.

All solutions are easy, no soldering, no dismantling and soldering and all. So if you want to make your projector louder, then this article is for you.

If you are in a rush, do skip down to where it says ‘solution’.

Before we begin, here’s our similar article on connecting your laptop to projector wirelessly.

Preliminary check (Make sure everything is fine)

Before we try anything else, we must first check that everything is indeed working fine, or else, all our efforts will all be in vain.

Most of the time, we go so deep into finding a solution that the solution is simply something we overlooked, here are some things that you could be overlooking.

Check volume

Check the volumes of all the devices and make sure that they are all turned up, volume up your projector, DVD players, Android phones and all the devices involved. If volumes of all the devices are turned up , this could be sufficient for most uses, however, you may still need it to be louder.

Check audio input

Wrong audio input could be a reason for no audio, check to see that RCA or HDMI input has indeed been set to correspond with the respective input that you are using.

Check adapters and cables

Check to see that the adapters and cables are indeed functioning, by testing it on other devices, or swapping cable, so that this problem could be eliminated.

Volume still too soft?

We’ll we just can’t help it with some projectors, their volumes are just too low! Even after doing all tests, everything is working fine, but still nothing and the volume is still too low.

Some projector speakers are just too soft

A problem that is prevalent with a lot of projector speakers, is that their volumes are just too low, well they were n’t meant to be loud anyway.

Most if not nearly all projectors were meant to have a secondary sound system to be used with it, because if it were to have a big speaker with sub, it would increase the size of the housing, which would consequently, drive the price of the product up and reduces the portability of the product. If you are looking for a secondary speaker to go with your projector, check out some speakers for your projector on Amazon.

Projectors with low volume output through  AUX

Projectors with low volume simply emit soft sound signals, some times, even when plugged into an external speaker, the sounds coming out, is still weak, in the next section, here is a smart solution to this.

Connecting to an external set of speakers (solution)

The market is flooded with speaker systems, sound bars that when a projector is plugged into it, will make whatever that is playing on the projector louder.

Do invest in a (Check out sound bars on Amazon) sound bar or speaker that will louden your projector by 3-4 folds.

Using a headphone amplifier (Solution)

 The best solution for a projector emitting really weak signals, is to use a headphone amplifier, what the amplifier does is that it, takes the audio signals from the projector, amplifies it and throws it out, for it to be thrown to a speaker system.

By the time the sound gets to the speaker system (external) it would already to be double or quadrupled, this is the beauty of amps, amps are also used for guitars, this is usually where a layman would see amplifiers, in-fact a-lot of electronics have built in amps. Check out headphone amplifiers on Amazon.


So to conclude with this article, on how to make your projector louder, some projector volumes are just too weak, at times, there maybe something that we haven’t checked like volume levels on our app, phones, dvd players and projectors, if this is eliminated, then we need something else.

A speaker or headphone amplifier is needed to solve your loudness problem(click to check it out on Amazon).



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