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How to connect your laptop to projector wirelessly




How to connect your laptop to projector wirelessly

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In 20-30 years from now, we would see a drastic decline in the use of wires and cables and more use of wireless technology, going wireless is more neat and less of a hassle.

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With that said, we will show you, how you can connect your projector and laptop together without the use HDMI cables.

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Connect any laptop to projector without cables

Wireless is the future; we’ll everything is going “less”. With that said, in this short piece, I will show you how you can connect your laptop and ps4 wirelessly without the need of HDMI cables, yes! It’s possible to have your laptop, ps4, ps3, xbox or any other device connect wirelessly to your projector.

This could be very useful for connecting to your projector, if it’s higher up in the ceiling, or somewhere where HDMI cables will be a hassle, heck, this solution could have your laptop be connected to the projector without being in the same room.


Using HDMI extenders

Introducing, HDMI extenders, HDMI extenders will transmit your video and audio signals wirelessly for up-to 200 feet, yeah, even you can place your projector at your neighbor’s house, this is a major convenience for some.

HDMI extenders are relatively cheap and will transmit and receive data even if it’s not line of sight, most devices do not have lag issues, which is also a plus for gamers.

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What the HDMI extenders does, is that it takes the video and Audio signal coming out of the laptop, converts it to radio signals and transmits it in the 5ghz frequency and is received by the receiving end of the HDMI extender dongle where it is converted back to the video and audio where the projector takes it in.

These devices will work on virtually anything that outputs through HDMI, even if it’s VGA, an adapter can convert it to HDMI, so most of the devices are covered.

If you need a lot of devices to connect to the projector wirelessly, you could buy one that is a hub and where each devices connect to the hub having their own transmitter.

In terms of video quality support, these devices will transmit 1080P quality content at 60HZ with ease.

Furthermore, it also has splitters that will enable playing content from one device to 2 projectors or TV screens.

The video below demonstrates how HDMI extenders are used which can be used to make laptops wirelessly connect to a projector.


Downsides to HDMI extenders

Some downsides to extenders is that they may need an external power source, which can be a hassle for some.

Secondly is that, some devices may lag, the lagging is not much to greatly affect gaming, but some lagging may exist (when gaming controller buttons are pressed, it may effect after a 1 to 2 seconds)


Pros of HDMI extenders

  • Convenient
  • Up-to 200 feet
  • 4 devices onto 1 screen, 1 device onto 2 screens
  • Supports 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p
  • Some extenders may support up-to 4k

Check out HDMI extenders on Amazon.


Cons of HDMI extenders

  • Some HDMI extenders may cause lagging esp. if you are gaming
  • Limited range
  • Requires an external power adapter

So that it how to connect your laptop to projector wirelessly

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