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Disney Plus not working on projector? Let’s fix that!- Info



Disney plus not working on projector

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Why is my Disney plus not working on projector, I am unable to watch my cartoons and movies, what could be the cause of this?

Not only a few people have been affected by this, but a lot of people have been facing similar issues, so be rest assured that you aren’t the only person facing this.

So in this short one, I will highlight the cause of this and also suggest solutions that actually works. 

Now, a few Disney Plus customers have contacted customer support and have said that they have no knowledge of this, how could this be?

Well apparently, this has more to do with the movie or content itself, a mechanism that is in place to avoid piracy. It could also be that Disney has made it impossible for it’s users to play their content, or if not, some content on media viewing devices such as TV’s and projectors ( large screens mostly).

Disney however, has not mentioned anything about not allowing viewing on the bigger screen, which is good news for Disney users, customers from other platforms such as Netflix have been having this issue.

Also check out our article on why Netflix won’t play on a projector from an iPhone, which is a similar issue as this. 

Cause of this (unable to play Disney Plus on projector)

This has also been an issue on Netflix, Hulu and many other content viewing platforms and not on Disney Plus alone.

Let’s get straight to the point, it’s either the cable or port is not HDCP compliant or it could also be that Disney has blocked it’s content from being played on the bigger screen.

There is a mechanism, which I have said above, called the HDCP, High Bandwidth Digital Content Protection, HDCP is something that prevents the copying of the digital media, each devices and cable used where these media travel, must be HDCP certified.

As Intel corporation issues licenses to these devices, they make sure that the device is not something that will copy the content and be later used for reproduction.

Disney content will travel freely through these devices, cables and ports only if they are HDCP certified.

The problem with not being able to play Disney Plus content on a projector is because your port or cable are not HDCP certified. That is why an error message and sometimes only sound is coming but no video.

These are technically, called “handshakes” and your projector is failing to pass this handshake.

Secondly, as Disney Plus and these movie makers are businesses, they do not want their content to be viewed on huge screens such as projectors and TV’s, cinema operators pay licenses for these, which could be another cause.

Below are some solutions that might solve this issue, do note, that not all solutions will fit all, try out all and see which one works.


Disney Plus not working on projectorDisney Plus not working on projector

Solution to Disney Plus not playing on Projector

These are some solutions for you to try out.

  • Unsupported HDMI cable: Your HDMI cable is not HDCP compliant, therefore, purchase HDCP 2.2 HDMI cables (click on the link to check out the HDCP HDMI cables sold on Amazon).
  • Non HDCP HDMI port: Simply trying other HDMI ports on the projector should work, the HDCP port in most devices are the first port.
  • Will not work with a projector: Try a TV instead.
  • Another solution that has worked for some, it to use a HDMI splitter box

So that is a short guide on a workaround or fix for if Disney plus is not working on a projector.

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