How to watch Hulu on projector- Projector Guide

how to watch hulu on projector
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As entertainment content delivery evolves to internet streaming as opposed to DVD videos, there billions and billions of dollars being spent to the giants of entertainment, Netflix, Amazon Prime and HULU to ensure the provision of the best and also a wide range of movies and TV shows being provided to their customers.

With the plethora of movies to choose from, what a better way to watch movies on projectors.

In this article, we’ll see how we can watch Hulu movies on projectors and TV’s.

As Hulu, Netflix and Prime is getting more mainstream nowadays, there are a lot of options on how to watch Hulu on projector, here are ways to do that.

  • Chromecast
  • Mirroring your IOS device
  • Firestick
  • Roku Stick
  • Preinstalled Hulu App on projectors
  • Apple TV, PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, Android, iOS, Samsung TV (preinstalled)

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Stream Hulu app onto a Chrome Cast to a projector



  • Install and connect Android and Google chrome device on the same network.

With your Android device, install HULU from the PlayStore, make sure your Google chrome cast device and android device in which your HULU is being played are on the same network, this was one of the mistake I made, you cannot connect your Android straight to your Chromecast.

Make sure your Chromecast is also connected to your Router with your Phone (your chromecast device can also your phone’s hot spot).

  • Play and stream onto chromecast

Choose the content that you want to view, whether it be movie of TV series, on the top right corner, tap the Cast button and choose which chromecast device you want to cast on.

Mirror your IOS device onto the projector.


Since IOS devices (Apple iPhones and iPads) make up the most devices especially in the US, here’s how to mirror what you see on your iPhone screen onto the projector or TV.

Connect your Lightning to HDMI adapter

With the right Lightning to HDMI adapter, you will be able to instantly mirror your iPhone screens onto a projector once you plug in your iPhone onto the adapter and to the projector.

I have emphasized choosing the right adapter, by right adapter, I mean, adapters made by apple, there are many Chinese adapters on the market which simply won’t work.

Play your movie

Just play the content that you want to watch and enlarge the screen, it should now be playing on the big screen.

That’s how easy it is to watch HULU on project when you are an IOS user.

Using a Firestick


If you are unfamiliar with an Amazon Firestick, it is a USB looking stick that has a mini operating system (Android like), which you can use to install the HULU app onto and will be viewed onto any media device like projectors and TV’s.

The advantage of using a Firestick device is that it can be used on any device with a HDMI ports, as most of todays TVs and projectors have HDMI devices.

Simply install HULU on your Firestick and with your login details, login to HULU and watch away.

Using a Roku stick


A roku stick similiar to the Amazon Firestick, to watch HULU on this stick, simply downlad the HULU app, login to the HULU app and watch away.

Projectors and TV’s with in-built HULU

Most of todays projectors and TV, especially the mini projectors, are smart projectors and TV’s and they come with inbuilt HULU apps which you login to and simply play the movie you want to watch.

So that has been a short guide on how to watch Hulu on projector.



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