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Which printers use 301 ink?




which printers use 301 ink

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In this short article or information guide, will list the printers that are able to use 301 ink cartridges.

Here are the list of printers that use 301 ink cartridges

  • HP DeskJet 1000/1010/1050/1510/2050/2510/2540/3000/3050/3055
  • HP ENVY 4500/5530
  • HP OfficeJet 2620/4630


For illustration purposes, here are the printers (one from each series) that is compatible with the 301 ink

HP Deskjet 1000

which printers use 301  - HP Deskjet 1000


HP Envy 4500

which printers use 301 ink - HP Envy 4500

HP OfficeJet 2620

which printers use 301 ink - HP OfficeJet 2620

Can any printer use 301 ink?

Printer cartridges are numbered according to their suitability for printers, as their are many printer cartridges capacity. The cartridges are numbered so that the printers that they fit in, use that specific number of printer cartridge.

If it fits, can I still use it?

If a printer cartridge fits your printer, but wasn’t meant for it, it won’t work, an error message will be displayed! This error message can be bypassed however.

Can I use 302 ink instead of 301 inks?

You might be able to insert the cartridge interchangeably, 301’s with 302’s or vice versa as the dimensions are the same. But it’s chip is programmed differently and has different data imprinted on it’s chip, so therefore, it will not work!.

Can I use HP Instant Ink instead?

This could be an appropriate option as well, depending on the amount you need to print on a month-to-month basis.

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