How to watch Amazon Prime on Projector – Guide

How to watch Amazon Prime on Projector
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As Netflix has taken the world by storm, it’s upcoming and also rival, Amazon Prime is pouring in millions if not billions of dollars in TV shows and movies.

And if you love watching your favorite TV shows on the big screen (projector screens) then we’ve got you, in this article we will show you how to watch Amazon Prime on your projector.

This article will have all the most convenient that you could use.

There are many creative ways to watch Amazon Prime on a projector, here are the 3 best ways. The ways are; through a Chrome browser, with an Amazon Firestick device and through an Amazon Prime app.

Pick one method according to what you have, eg. If you have a laptop or if you are running Amazon Prime off of your Android or Iphone Device.

Let’s start with if you have a laptop running Chrome browser.

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Laptop or Tablet  with Google Chrome Browser streaming to Chrome Cast plugged into the projector

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Here’s how to set up your Chrome cast device for your projector, after your chrome cast has been set up, your Laptop (that’s on the same network as the chrome cast device) should be able to detect the Casting device from your Google Chrome menu.

If you have a laptop, get a AnyCast device or Chrome cast device, plug it into the projector, there are tons of videos on Youtube that shows you how to set up your Chrome Cast device for streaming.

In order for this to work, your laptop and Chrome Cast device has to be on the same network, so you will need your phone or router sharing it’s data (tethering) for both the Any Cast and Laptop to connect to.

When first setting this up for the first time, most people make a mistake of thinking or setting up the the laptop to connect straight to the Chrome Cast device, now that is wrong!

Amazon Prime app streaming to Anycast Device plugged into the projector.

Here’s how to set up the Amazon Prime, in the video, it’s plugged into a TV, in your case it’s a projector, same steps apply.

This is also the easiest method, due to competition, Google disallowed the Amazon Prime to stream onto it’s google device. They have settled this and have since allowed Amazon Prime users to be able to freely stream onto the Chrome device with no restriction.

Set up your Chrome device on your projector for your phone to be able to stream onto it. Follow the steps above, instead of streaming from a Chrome, use your Amazon Prime app.

Using the Amazon Prime app, there is an option to stream onto the Chrome Cast device from your iPhone or Android’s Amazon Prime app.

Using Fire TV stick plugged into the projector

The Fire TV stick just like the Chrome Cast is Google’s stream device, it has a built in mini Operating system that allows you to sign into your Amazon Account add channels and watch away.

The set up is simple, simply plug in the Fire Tv USB device into the HDMI port, connect your Fire TV to your wifi network, add your channels and watch away.

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