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How to play Netflix on projector from iPhone/iPad



How to play Netflix on projector from iPhone

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Everything is much better on the bigger screen! Well why not play Netflix on projector from your iphone on the big screen!

Well in this guide, we will be looking at how we can watch our favorite shows on projectors from Netflix with our iPhones, other Apple devices like IPads and Macbooks works similarly.

If you are having a hard time trying to get Netflix to play on a projector or simply don’t know how to connect your iPhones to a projector here’s how;

If you haven’t already have, get yourself a Lightning to HDMI cable and HDMI cable which you should probably have.

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This is if you will be using HDMI for your projector, if you are using VGA cable, skip this part.

While still on “how to play netflix on projector iphone”, here’s our best pick for the best projector for iPhones

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Here’s how to connect your iPhones/iPads to your projector

  1. With a Lightning to HDMI cable, pictured below, connect the lighting end of the cable to your iPhone or iPad.

*Lightning cables are used for iPhones, iPads and iPods, they can be used to mirror presentations, apps, websites and other media onto a TV or projector. Lightning cable streams 1080P quality.

how to play netflix on projector from iphone

2. Connect the HDMI cable to the Lightning to HDMI cable


how to play netflix on projector from iphone


3. Connect the other end of the HDMI cable to your projector

how to play netflix on projector from iphone

Fire up your Netflix app and make sure you have the right input set on your projector, where it’s to “HDMI input (1 or 2)” or “VGA” as your input.

Your phone should now be mirrored onto the projector.

For projectors with VGA input only

Now if you have a much older projector and it does not have HDMI input port, only VGA, then you will need a converter to convert VGA to HDMI. These converters are cheaply available at your electronics shop or on Amazon at really low prices.

how to play netflix on projector from iphonehow to play netflix on projector from iphoneThe VGA to HDMI adapter on the right is to be used to convert to VGA to HDMI, then all is left is for you to connect your VGA cable onto your adapter.



How do I watch Netflix from my ipad to my projector?

How to play Netflix on projector from iPhone/iPad

The simple steps are, connect your Lighting to HDMI adapter to your iPad, this will automatically get the iPad to mirror it’s screen onto the projector.

From the Lightning to HDMI adapter, connect your HDMI cable and onto the projector.

The steps for Iphones and Ipads, are the same, since they both have the Lightning port

Refer to the above if you have a VGA projector for how to convert HDMI to VGA.

No pictures coming out Troubleshooting

If no picture or signal is coming into your projector or shown on your screen, the one major cause, could be your lightning cable, there are lightning cables sold cheaply on the market that are not very good, they don’t work properly, don’t worry you are not the first.

The recommended Lightning to HDMI cable is picture below and is manufactured by Apple themselves!

Choosing the right Lightning to HDMI cable is very important

Since some cables don’t work properly and that Apple prefers that people buy their version of the products, they don’t like copy cats.

For this reason, some cables other than that sold by them will work most of the time. Above is a Lightning to HDMI cable manufactured and sold by Apple on Amazon.

Why not just use a projector that has built in Netflix

There are projectors out there on the market that has built in Netflix app that connects to the Wifi Network so you can watch Netflix movies straight onto a projector.

Easy right? Yeah, seems like an easy solution. If you really want to watch Netflix, there are other solutions that deserves an article on their own.

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