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Top 5 Cheapest iPhone Projector- Buyers Guide



cheapest iphone projector

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In this article, we will be looking at some of the cheapest iphone projector and projectors that can be bought.

If you are tight on budget, or maybe you’d like a projector that can be your portable and mobile projector, or maybe this is your only projector.

Then read on as we check out some of the cheapest and some of the not so cheap but really good projector that all can be used with an iPhone.

As we all know, the compatibility of apple products to other brands is hard and it really is, so in this article we have included some tips and tricks that you can use to get your iPhones working with the projector.


Tips for using your iPhone with your projector

To use your iPhone, no matter what version it is, a Lightning to HDMI adapter works best for mirroring your phone onto a projector or TV.

A Lightning cable has two ports that can connect to a projector and charger simultaneously.

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The second option for mirroring your iPhone to your projector is to use Airplay, a trademarked feature of Apple that allows it’s iPhone users to wirelessly mirror it’s screen and content onto the big screen.

Do note that some apps will not allow you to mirror onto a projector because it’s content is copyrighted.


VANKYO LEISURE 3 Mini Projector, 1080P and 170” Display Supported, Portable Movie iPhone Projector

cheapest iphone projector

The Vankyo has to be the cheapest iPhone projector that has a good balance between affordability and quality.

Although the Vankyo Leisure 3 is not 1080P, it is 800 x 460 Pixels, but will support 1080P and has a contrast ratio of 2000:1 and has received overwhelming number of feedbacks on Amazon.

The Vakyo Leisure 3 is Light Weight and easy to carry around

As it has received many reviews, it simply means that people are liking this fine gadget, which could be due to the fact that it’s a fine balance of affordability and quality as mentioned above.

I’d definitely recommend this projector for iPhone users.


Customer opinion on the Vankyo Leisure 3

As with all electronics, there will be drawbacks and with the Vankyo Leisure 3 has a noticeable fan noise and low volume as mentioned by users. That can easily countered by following a few steps to ensure that your projector runs as quietly as possible.

Users mentioned how affordable/cheap and portable this thing is.


  • Light weight
  • Portable
  • Cheap


  • Noticeable fan noise


Artlii 2020 Mini Projector, Color LED iPhone Pico Projector, Compatible with HDMI USB Laptop Video Games iPhone

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Not only is the Artlii mini projector, as the name suggests, it is also a mini projector with 320×240 pixels.

If you are really tight on a budget then do check out the Artlii mini projector on Amazon.

Although it is a native 320 x 240 pixels projector, it supports 1080p videos as well, this projector can read from USB drives, has HDMI port and also a Micro SD card slot for memory cards.

The Artlii mini projector is only quarter a Kilo in weight.



Customer opinion on the Artlii mini projector

First and foremost, is that, this projector works well with iPhones, using a Lightning to HDMI cable, which can be used to mirror your phone’s screen and also be charged at the same time.

This projector received overwhelming number of reviews on Amazon and according to customers, this projector works well mostly in a dull to dark room.

There’s no battery with this projector, however, users may need to have tit plugged in all the time.


  • Inexpensive
  • Portable


  • Needs a dull room

<<Check out price of Artlii mini projector on Amazon>>


ViewSonic PA503S 3800 Lumens iPhone SVGA High Brightness Projector for Home and Office 

best projector for xbox one

The ViewSonic PA503S,is native 800 x 600 projector but will support up-to 1080p with 3600 lumens with contrast ratio of 22,000.

It is an SVGA projector (800 x 600) projector, but should be good enough for people looking for “cheap” projectors.

With regards to price this projector is affordable and will work with iPhones, Ipads and Macbooks with the help of a lightning cable.


Customer opinion of the ViewSonic PA503S

One of the major drawback there is to this projector according to customers, is that the power cord is too short, so an extension cord is needed and the second drawback is that the volume is too low so it will need external speakers.

Apart from that, this projector is easy to use and has bright images.


  • Easy to use
  • Bright


  • Low speaker volume
  • Power cord too short


VANKYO Burger 101 Pico iPhone Projector, Rechargeable DLP Wireless Mini Projector Supports 1080P 

ccheapest iphone projector

Check out the Vankyo Burger 101 on Amazon

Although not the cheapest in terms of price, the Vankyo Burger 101 is a quality projector from a trusted brand. 

For it’s size, it has 1920×1080 pixels with 50 ansi lumens and has a battery time of two hours, this projector can be handheld and works well with Apple products especially iPhones.

Although the Vankyo Burger 101 does not support direct wireless connection from iPhone devices, it however, has HDMI and USB capability.

Most projectors of this size, does not have auto keystone correction and image inversion when upside-down, this projector is capable for that.


Customer opinion of the Vankyo burger 101

One of the drawback mentioned by customers, is that the Vankyo Burger 101, does not have wireless capability to cast from iPhones and also has low volume, an external pair speakers is need for better sound.

Apart from those two small drawbacks, this projector is well built and works with HDMI for iPhones to projector.


  • Easy to set up
  • Well built


  • Low volume
  • Does not support wireless

<<Buy Vankyo Burger 101 Projector on Amazon>>

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