Top 10 Plants To Have In Your Office With No Windows

Top 10 plants to have in your office with no windows
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Ever gotten tired of seeing the boring computers, printers and paperclips and staplers and all those boring stuff in your office?


All these stuff makes an office feel like one, seeing all these, turns us into work mode, which we are all trying to escape on Fridays.

Why don’t we change the feel and look of our offices, little ornaments and decorations and aquarium would certainly change the looks of our offices and help us achieve good mood every day.

In this article we will be a botanist and share 10 plants to have in your office with no windows. As we all know that plants need sunlight to live, without it, they simply die.

Some plants can live off of little sunlight, while some can rely on florescent light for their qouta of “sunlight”.

Without further ado

1. Aspidistra

The Aspidistra or Cast Iron Plant is native to Japan and is number one because of it’s ability to withstand neglect, even when unattended to for a very long time, it will survive, this ability has brought it to number one.

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Aspidistras can also withstand high temperatures for long periods of time.

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2. Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

Top 10 plants to have in your office with no windows

This is one of the most common house plant all over the world, it is native to Africa and is an interesting plant.

Mother in law’s tongue or snake plant as it is commonly called, absorbs carbon dioxide and nitrogen.

Formaldehyde, nitrogen oxide, benzene, xylene and trichloroethylene are toxins that snake plants also absorbs.

So not only does this plant make your office look more naturistic, it also purifies the air in the office.

This plant is also thought to bring in good luck.

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3.  Money Plant

Top 10 plants to have in your office with no windows

Pilea peperomioides  is the scientific name of this plant, although the rarest plant in America, it’s scarcity makes it one of the best plants to have in your office with no windows.

They have round and glossy leaves and is super pleasant for the eyes and can survive in low light.

4. Peace Lily

Top 10 plants to have in your office with no windows

An international sign of peace, this plant could bring peace into your office with it’s white flowering color.

The peace lily, according to Feng Shui, brings positive energy that will balance with the negatives, this plant like the snake plant, removes toxic air from a room, which makes it a good plant for office as they will very little sunlight.

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5. Aglaonema

Top 10 plants to have in your office with no windows

The Aglaonema is family of plants that is a common household plants, this family of plants has a lot of variety. The Aglaonema or Chinese Evergreen are slow growing yet attractive plants, they make good decoration for the office and require less sunlight.

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6. Cactus

Top 10 plants to have in your office with no windows

Are n’t we all familiar with cactus or cacti? Yes, these are also common household plants that everyone is familiar with, not only are cacti easy to grow, they can also live without sunlight and make good decoration for your office.

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