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How much does a movie theater screen cost – Guide



how much does a movie theater screen cost

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how much does a movie theater screen cost

How much does a movie theater screen cost?

If you are in a hurry, scroll down to the table to find out the cost and sizes of theater screens.

Let’s begin…

If you are setting up a movie theater or thinking about building your own movie theater or maybe curious about how much a movie theater screen costs, then this article will give you some insight into the sizes and costs of movie theater screens.

To begin with, movie theater screens are relatively cheap and can also be homemade as they are made of mostly made of canvas, pvc and  polyester fabric.

Polyester fabric is the same material as tarpaulin which is used for tents, mats, coverings etc.

Because it can be made cheaply, movie theater screens are also cheap as a result.

A typical theater screen can cost from $25 to $250.

Theater projector screen prices are determined by the material that it’s made off, it’s size and also it’s aspect ratio.
how much does a movie theater screen costhow much does a movie theater screen cost

Aspect ratio is simply the ratio of length and height of the theater projector screen, it mostly comes in aspect ratios of 4:3 and 16:9 and if your are buying a projector screen for the purpose of using it as a theater screen, then use a 16:9 screen.

16:9 is the aspect ratios that will fit movies and avoid 4:3 screens as their height is not enough to be used as theater screens (the pictures won’t fit the screen).

4:3 screens are mostly for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

Let’s do a few comparison of different types of projector theater screens and it’s cost.

[wptb id=3021]

So there you have it, different screen sizes and aspect ratio (mostly 16:9), I would also recommend 16:9 screens for theaters as said from above.

Different brands of projector screens may have different prices according to the material that it’s made of.

These screens are highly optimized to reflect light so that you get maximum quality pictures in your home cinemas.

So from that table above, I hope that answers your question of “how much does a movie theater screen cost”.

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