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How to get sound from projector to speakers – Guide




how to get sound from projector to speakers

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If you are having a hard time trying to get sound from a projector to speaker, then this article is for you.

Here are other reasons, why this article will be useful for you.

  • Do you have limited sound-out ports on your projector?
  • Can’t find a connection to match your speakers?
  • Want to use your non-Bluetooth projector with your Bluetooth speaker?
  • No sound coming out from your projector?

Troubleshooting tips

If there was sound coming out and it is no more, then check the following

  • Check that the speaker is plugged in
  • Check to see that all cables are connected
  • Speaker or projector is not muted
  • Bluetooth of projector and speaker are paired up.
  • Full volume for media that’s playing.

Here’s how to get sound from projector to speakers

Aux Cable

Aux cable

Aux ports or auxiliary ports are the most common ports, used in mobile phones and laptop, they can both send receive data.

This is the most common way to get sound from projectors to speakers. With an aux cable, plug the aux from projector to speakers.

Set the speaker in AUX mode and you are good to go.

Some projectors may not have AUX ports, this is where other methods come in handy.

RCA cables

RCA connections or otherwise known as “phono” connections, are the red, white and yellow connections that most TV’s have, this is also the most common method for sound to be able to be played on speakers.

RCA connections comes in three cords, the yellow cord will be for video while red and white will be for the audio.

Bluetooth (for Bluetooth projectors)

 If the projector is Bluetooth capable, pair it up with the Bluetooth speaker and the speaker should be able to receive audio.

If however the projector is Bluetooth capable and the speaker is not, use a Bluetooth receiver to turn your “vanilla” speaker into a Bluetooth speaker.

Bluetooth (for non-Bluetooth projectors).

If your speaker has no AUX port and only Bluetooth works but your projector is not a Bluetooth one, use a Bluetooth transmitter for projectors.

The iTeknic Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver Transmitter will enable your projector to become a Bluetooth projector, it will be able to send audio to your Bluetooth speaker using this device.

HDMI audio extractor

What is an HDMI audio extractor?

Projector HDMI ports transmits both audio and  video out of an HDMI port, the audio extractor taps into this and also extracts the audio part of the transmission which can be later plugged into a speaker as input.


To conclude…

With a RCA, AUX, HDMI cables and Bluetooth speakers are ways in which you can get sound from projector to speakers

Considering that most projector speakers are not loud and often have low volume, these ways you can truly enjoy movies, presentations and music (playing audio on speakers).

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