DR J and Vankyo Leisure 3 no sound – Solution

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Not only does the DR J and Vankyo 3 projector have sound problems but this problem has been prevalent in other projectors usually, this no sound is when Netflix is being played.

In this helpful article, I will be solving your projector issue, specifically, DR J and Vankyo 3 “no sound” problem, let me assure DR J and Vankyo projector users, that this problem is not only affecting their brands of projector, in fact, the culprit of this problem is not the projector but the app that’s feeding audio onto the projector. 

This problem also affecting users of other brands of projectors.

Although people are searching in that no audio is coming into the projector, they fail to mention that the audio is coming from either, Netflix, Amazon Prime and other streaming apps, more specifically, the Netflix app.

Is the volume turned up?

Before everything else, make sure that the projector volume is up, set it to the maximum, the problem might not be in the app or anything, but the volume being turned down on the projector, doing this eliminates this silly “mistake”.

Cause of the problem (DR J projector no sound/Vankyo Leisure 3 no sound).

The cause of this problem is the Netflix and the sound format that it’s giving out is unable to be recognized by the Vankyo and DR J projector, or any other projector for that matter.

Netflix is outputting Dolby Surround sound or 5.1 sound, that the projector is unable to decode it.

The best analogy to this would be Japanese person speaking to you, off course as an English only speaker, you wouldn’t understand what this person is saying, same in this situation, the projector is unable to decode the audio from Netflix hence the absence of sound.


The solution would be to change the audio format/mode in Netflix or whatever stream app you are using. In settings, change from Dolby 5.1 (Surround sound) to PCM or Stereo.

This will enable the projector to play the sound as it can decode Stereo sound.

  1. Open the Netflix app
  2. Select any TV show
  3. When its playing, tap the dialog icon
  4. Surround Sound (5.1) will be activated.
  5. Select anything else apart from Surround Sound 5.1 (deactivate Surround Sound 5.1).
  6. Now Play the movie

Use a HDMI audio splitter with a sound bar

Streamed out of the HDMI cable is the video and audio part of the video, what you’d want to do is to get audio only, the way to do this is to use an audio extractor (HDMI extractor).

The extractor has an aux out port that allows you to pipe audio onto your sound bar or an external speaker, instead of letting the projector take care of the audio part as well, a speaker can be used as a substitute.


Update your Netflix and Amazon Prime

Always ensure that your Netflix and Amazon Prime app is always updated, this can be done in Settings and PlayStore, ensuring this will ensure that Netflix  has the latest update and encodings to suite your audio systems and projectors.

A similiar article was written on the same problem, but for RCA projectors (with no sound) do check it out.




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