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Are projector screens worth it?



are projector screens worth it

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Here are some questions that projector users maybe asking; are you thinking of getting a projector screen? Are they really worth the money? Do they even make a difference?

If you have bought a projector and have spent several hundred dollars, you may find that it is a hassle or waste of money to spend further in acquiring a projector screen. Well, let’s find  out if using a regular old white sheet or if spending more for a projector screen is more worth it.

In this article we will be discussing some advantages of having projector screens and if they are really worth it.

Sure, anyone can just grab a piece of white cloth or paint the wall grey and it would easily substitute a projector screen,.Let’s look at all the reasons why a projector screen is worth having.

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Why projector screens are worth it?

Projector screens are smooth

One of the reason why a projector screen is advantageous is because it is smooth. What better viewing experience you’d get when viewing a movie on a smooth surfaced screens. A projection done on a rough surface is not nice to watch than one that is done on a crease-free surface, such as that of on a projector screen.

Large sized to fit your needs and convenient

Good luck finding a huge white sheet to have as your projector screen, a pre-made projector screen that is bought online or from retail shops, offers you portable projector screens that can be rolled away when not in use (up-to 130 inches).

When a projector screen is rolled up, it will only take a small space of your storage space, it can be rolled up when hanging from the ceiling and will hide away like there was nothing there in the first place.

Tab tensioned screens, have springs which allow the screen to roll up by it self, which is really convenient and less of a hassle when you want to “put it away”.

Another reason why it’s more convenient than a wall or sheet, is that a wall needs a dedicated free space which will be painted or turned into a screen area, while a projector screen can be used anywhere, just roll it down when needed and close it back up when not, simple and convenient.

Projector screens are more brighter 

There are many reasons why a projector screen together with a projector are worth it, one of the more reason why projector screens are worth it, is because, they are display brighter images, that you won’t even tell that you are using a projector, it will seem more like a television, especially high gain screens.

Gain is a term or measurement that measures the reflectivity of the projector screen, apparently, the more the screen gain, the better the screen surface reflecting light from the projector.

A disclaimer though, projector screen gains are not the best when the sun is shining from the same direction as projection, so for the best performance, sunlight must not shine the same direction as the projection.

Basically, the better the reflectivity of the projector screen,  the better the image brightness and quality. That’s what it boils down to.

High gain projectors are worth it! That is the quickest answer to the question, if you are still in doubt as to whether projector screens are worth it or not.

You see, a normal piece of cloth or white wall, cannot compare to a optimized piece of nylon material, that has been perfected to reflect light, this is the aspect of projector screens that beats white sheets and walls.

Ambient light rejection

Here’s another cool feature that a piece of cloth might not have. An ALR screen, or ambient light rejecting screens, have been engineered to reflect ambient light back to where they came from while reflecting projection light onto the audience.

They are pricy though

As the subheading implies, these piece of equipment (projector screens) are pricy and can cost up-to $3,000 depending on the “bells and whistle” that come with it, and also the screen size.

Although they are pricy, but for the advantages of it mentioned above, they are really worth it.

To sum it up

To sum things up, projector screens are worth it if you have the money for it. They provide more bright images, and also are smoother, which, overall provides a better viewing experience for the users.

Convenient to use, as they can be hidden away by just releasing it, although they can be pricy, I would say that, overall they are worth it, better than a painted wall and piece of cloth.

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