What color should you paint your projector wall – Guide

what color to paint wall for projector
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What color to paint wall for projector

If you are abit tight on budget that you want to ditch buying a high reflective projector and instead, paint your wall by yourself, heres my suggestion on what color to use.

The best color to use for your projector wall is gray or grey if you are British, read through this article to find out why not white and why not black.


Why paint your projector wall gray?

“Physically” speaking, gray helps with the contrast of your projector image, it helps to give black a dark shade.

As we all know, there is no “black” color, so how does the projector make an image black? The projector simply leaves out places where it’s black, the projection surface will do the job of showing black. If the projection surface is white, you won’t have a really good “black”, if you get where we are going with this.

The difference between white and black in a projection image is what makes a projection crispy, this is also why it is best to be using a high contrast projector as it gives high contrast crispy images, gray also helps with this.


Check out this paint mix created by some forum users..

While still on painting wall for your projection, there is an open source project that was created by some forum contributors which was meant to outperform market projector screens, this project is also a DIY projector or Do it yourself.

The name of this paint is “Black Widow”, it has supposedly alot of praise by people who have used this paint mix.

Do read read up on this DIY paint mix, this article could also be of some inspirational to people who still can’t make up their mind as to what color they’s want to use.



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