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Tensioned vs non tensioned projection screen – Guide




tensioned vs non tensioned projection screen

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In this article we will be looking at the tensioned vs non tensioned projection screen, the differences between these two types of projector screens, their Pros and Cons and also the cost.

If you are planning to get a projector screen doing your research then this article should help make up your mind as to which of these types of projector screens, you would want to get.

Non-tensioned screens and waves

A tension-ed projector screen is like a bed sheet that has been tucked in when the bed was made.

Tension-ed screens are tight and this prevents waves from forming on the projector screen when these waves forms, this distorts the images on the projector.

Here is an example of a wavy projector screen that has waves built up on it.

wavy projector screen

As you can see, waves have formed diagonally downwards, you can imagine what the projected image will look like when waves like these forms on your projector screens.

Typical non-tension-ed projector screens will form waves after a few months or years of use.

Here’s how a tension-ed screen looks like, images do look better on a wave free tension-ed projector screen

tensioned projection screen


If we have to talk about the prices of the two, non-tension-ed  projector screens are cheaper hands down, their price difference is quite a lot.

To be frank, their prices can differ by several hundred dollars.

The investment that one makes acquiring a tension-ed projector screen is money well spent as opposed to have a non-tension-ed projector screen.

Buy cheap buy twice phrase is certainly true in this matter.


So there folks, we have given you a brief comparison of tensioned and non-tensioned projector screens.

If I was buying a screen personally, I would save up for a tension-ed projector screen, although expensive, it should payoff and also saves money.

A non-tensioned projector will form waves after a few months to a year of use.

A tensioned screen will stay flat even after a decade of use.

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