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Best projectors with horizontal lens shift – Buyers Guide




best projectors with horizontal lens shift

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When buying a projector, we could be given with less space or with unique positions where the projector is to be mounted. The projector mounting position could be way off-center and this is where projectors with horizontal lens shifting come in handy, here are two of the best projectors with horizontal lens shift capability.

Epson Home Cinema 3700 1080p 3LCD Home Theater Projector

While scavenging the market for horizontal lens shifting projector, I rarely came across one, if I did, it was really expensive.

After some hard work, I found the Epson Home Cinema 3700.

The Epson Home Cinema 3700  home theater projector at first glance, looks potable and modern at the same time and has tough, “porschy” look to it.

This projector is capable of lens shifting horizontally, something that’s hard to find in affordable projectors or even in projectors in general.

This projector can do ± 60 percent vertical and ± 24 percent horizontal lens shifting.

Horizontal lens shifting are mostly found on really expensive projectors, the Epson Home Cinema 3700 being not the most expensive of projectors on the market, has this capability.

The Epson Home Cinema 3700 1080p 3LCD Home theatre projector has 3,000 lumens and is really bright. With that amount of lumens comes a contrast ratio of 70,000:1 making the black part really black, high contrast ratio results in more crispy and high endish look of the projection.

If have been using projectors for some time now, you would know how some projectors give out really good looking pictures when projecting images with black in them using a projector with high contrast ratio.

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What users thought about the Epson Home Cinema 3700 1080p 3LCD Home Theater Projector.

First and foremost, users of this projector had commented on how loud the projector is and also how bright the projector is. With 3000 lumens theres no doubt that this projector is bright enough for daylight viewing. This model of Epson home projector is good for any setup where lens shifting is needed, bright places and also in places where a loud projector is preferred, however, when the projector is not on eco mode, the fan can be heard running.

Epson 3700 Pros & Cons

What we like

  • Has horizontal lens shifting
  • Bright
  • Loud

What we don’t like

  • Fan can be heard while not in Eco mode

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Epson Home Cinema 3100 1080p 3LCD Home Theater Projector

The Epson 3100 Home Cinema Home Theater projector is another projector that can lens shift horizontally, this projector looks similiar to the Epson 3700 as it is a smaller brother of the 3700.

This projector, can project a 110″ image from just 10.5′ away, with — ± 60 percent vertical and ± 24 percent of horizontal lens shift.

The “best” advantage that  this projector has, is that it’s cheaper than the other model (Epson 3700).

The Epson 3100 is the watered down, cheaper and a bit lesser lumens brother of the Epson 3700.

In terms of specs, this projector has 2,600 lumens, Full HD 1080P and 60,000:1 of dynamic contrast ratio.

What users thought of the Epson Home Cinema 3100 1080p

After using this projector, users had commented on how this projector is bright, easy to adjustments and set up of this projector are all intuitive.

Secondly, users had commented on high bright and crispy the images are, the Epson 3100 is bright and can be used during daylight for movies and presentations.

The Epson 3100 has some drawbacks however.

This projector can be a bit loud when it is not in eco mode as the projector produces alot of heat after working hard to provide more brightness, thus making the fan work hard, hence the noise.

Second and last drawback users said, is how big, heavy and “un-portable” this projector is, good to have it mounted in one place and not moved around.

A good mounting bracket is needed for this projector.

Epson 3100 Pros & Cons

What we like

  • Can horizontally lens shift
  • Bright
  • Clear image

What we don’t like

  • Fan is audible at higher brightness setting
  • Not easy to set up

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Commonly asked questions related to projectors with horizontal lens shift and lens shifting.

Here are commonly asked questions that someone searching for “best projectors with horizontal lens shift” may ask

What is lens shift on a projector?

Lens shifting is when the lens inside of a projector is moved physically inside of the projector housing so that the projector image is shifted to match the projector screen, this can be done using the buttons on the remote, the lens inside the projector housing literally shifts left, right and also vertically.

Do I need lens shift on my projector?

Not necessarily, as lens shifting projectors are costly, you can do away with this feature unless necessary, lens shifting projectors are useful only in places where the projector installation is hard due to physical impossibility of having the projector to be mounted at the center because there is no place to mount the projector.

What is vertical shift?

Vertical shifting is when you shift the projected image up and down to fit the projector screen, this is usually done if the projector is mounted higher up or lower down.

What is horizontal lens shift?

Shifting the image sideways so that it is shot onto the projector screen.

How do I adjust my projector to fit my screen?

If for some reason your projector is mounted at an angle or is not centered, you can use the vertical and horizontal lens shifting feature to move the image up and down and sideways while the projector is stationary.

Keystone correction is used to adjust the images diagonally or to move the trapezium image so that it fits the projector image. Key-stoning is used if the projector is not parallel to the projector screen.

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Can you use a projector at an angle?

Yes, theres a limit to which a projector is mounted at an angle, to correct the skewed image, keystone is used, you can adjust the image like a fabric to fit the square projector image.

Does a projector have to be straight?

Having a straight projector is usually the best as you would not have to adjust the image when the projector is turned on. It is recommended for convenience sake, but not necessary.

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