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How students can use projectors to enhance their studies




How students can use projectors to enhance their studies

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In this article we will be looking at suggestions and also how students can use projectors to enhance their studies. We’ll be talking specifically on portable projectors and how they can be of use to student’s studies.

In an effort to attain good grades and completing university, college or high school, there are a lot of good gadgets that students can use to help them with their studies. One such gadget are projectors. Let’s look at how projectors can be useful to students learning.

Watching tutorials on Youtube and also videos from your courses

how students can use a projector for their studiesYoutube contains a plethora range of videos on all kinds of subjects for students, I for one used Youtube during my mathematics course, they have very good step by step instructions on how to solve math problems and also a wide range of other subjects.

Students can make use of Youtube with a projector to watch tutorials and follow along, this is beats having to use your mobile phone small screens. Since most university courses in all forms of media such as audio, video and texts, it’s a good idea to use mini projectors or even full sized projectors to complement your learning apart from mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Reading notes

Having a projector set up in your room or dorm, students can connect their phones or use a USB containing PDF files and images lay on their beds and read through their notes.

This is a more relaxing way to study through their notes on a much bigger screens, less eye strains and more relaxing for students.

There are projectors out there on the market that can read straight from USB devices or SD cards, this takes the need of having to turn on your laptops. When finished they can simply turn of the projector with a press of a button.

The advantage of this is that it simply gives students a much more bigger screen size than the eye straining mobile phone screens or tablet.

Furthermore, it is recommended that PowerPoint presentation recommended projectors be used.


Collaborating with colleagues

College and university courses are filled collaborative works, this is where a group of students have to work together on an assignment. A good way to have students to look a screen at once, is with a use of a projector.

A 50 inch projection can be more fun and convenient for a group of students than a 10 inch tablet screen.

There are pico projectors that can fit into a pocket, these portable projectors will be very convenient for students and also with their collaborative work such as assignments, projects and group discussions.

Making presentations

How students can use projectors to enhance their studiesA good presentation will involve a good “visual ” presentation  on the subject, this is where projectors come in. Projectors have proven to be a good tool for getting the message across whether is be for project presentations, group discussions etc.

Watching movies to de-stress

8 hour school days can be stressful to young people, it is essential to keep aside a few hours at the end of the day or during weekends to do de-stressing activities like watching movies, exercise or simply socializing.

Having a projector helps immensely with this. During weekends, students can just turn on the projector, watch a really good movie and just forget about the long and hectic week that just ended.

Playing games

Another good form of de-stressing is playing computer games on a projector, students and everyone alike, get so much immersed in the game that they forget about the week that they just had, this is possible with projectors.

All of the above are some ways how students can use projectors to enhance their studies, I am sure as students, they can come up with more creative ways to use a project for their studies.

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